Thursday, July 26, 2012

I won! Belli! and Snacks

What I won...Belli Kit with Sunscreen, Body Lotion and Oil
Won this really lovely set from runningwithtongs a few weeks ago
(i know i know im super behind..busy month)
Ill tell you more about how fabulous these product are later
But they are all natural and made for mama-to-be so
very safe and smell wonderful.

And just look at how pretty the packaging is.

Frozen Grapes
It is 90 degrees after all.
And I like looking at the ice crystals
form on them as the humidity knocks them

Beautiful artwork using living plants...
Too bad it was done by a corporation who has no other
plants around the building to offset carbon emissions
provide urban green space
or keep their bank employees from passing out from money fumes.

Random Snackage while hanging at the co-op:

Passion Mango Coconut Milk yogurt
yay $1 off coupons

Honest Tea Green Tea
yay $.99 on sale

Red Hot Blues
yay also under $3 for bag on sale

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