Monday, July 30, 2012

Im on a boat! Salad Weather...

strange angle of the city

Okay so I kow this is not the best angle of the city or the most popular.


(That was a big but in case you missed

I love how the slope of the off ramp illustrates
the slopes and hills found all over the area
contrasted with the apparent flatness of the downtown area.

Something about Florence that reminded me of home was this
juxtaposition and now that I'm home this reminds me of Florence.
But it is something I love about Pittsburgh:
constant altitude changing.

Driving around you don't always get a sense of how much you are going up and down hill,
but when you walk as much as i do you feel the change in your calf's (or is it calves).


just get on already

I almost got fussed at for holding up the entry line trying to take pictures.
I'm a photography nerd, what can I say?

For the best view of the city exit from this tunnel and prepare to gasp.
I know people who will take the roundabout way to town just to
be able to drive out of town guest through this tunnel and make
them eat their "Pittsburgh is lame/ugly/etc." words for dinner.

Some yummy salads I have loved.....

That sounds like the title to a really (faux) cheesy novel.

Kale, Romaine, artichokes, carrots, nutritional yeast,
sauerkraut, and microwave roasted almonds.

Kale, artichokes, steamed veg, quinoa,
marinated mushrooms and roasted red peppers, and sauerkraut.

Have I mentioned I'm slightly obsessed with artichokes and sauerkraut?
These two boys are ridiculously pale and delicious and nutritious.

Artichokes have fiber, help lower cholesterol (cough..meat eaters)
and good for the liver.

And the sauerkraut is crammed with health benefits like
helps boost immune system and aids healthy digestion.
Probiotics anyone?
Yay fermentation!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I won! Belli! and Snacks

What I won...Belli Kit with Sunscreen, Body Lotion and Oil
Won this really lovely set from runningwithtongs a few weeks ago
(i know i know im super behind..busy month)
Ill tell you more about how fabulous these product are later
But they are all natural and made for mama-to-be so
very safe and smell wonderful.

And just look at how pretty the packaging is.

Frozen Grapes
It is 90 degrees after all.
And I like looking at the ice crystals
form on them as the humidity knocks them

Beautiful artwork using living plants...
Too bad it was done by a corporation who has no other
plants around the building to offset carbon emissions
provide urban green space
or keep their bank employees from passing out from money fumes.

Random Snackage while hanging at the co-op:

Passion Mango Coconut Milk yogurt
yay $1 off coupons

Honest Tea Green Tea
yay $.99 on sale

Red Hot Blues
yay also under $3 for bag on sale

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Market District Randomness..Caffeine kills fatigue

While I totally do not condone the use of controlled substances
to deal with everyday (or monthly) problems,
I really could not resist this adorable cappuccino.

I had some pretty serious
"I could lay down on the ground (despite my OCD) and take a nap"
type fatigue going on and really needed help
to get through the day.

If you suffer from fatigue you know what I'm talking about.
It's the kind that is not solved with 8 hours of sleep.
Sometimes 10 hours doesn't help either.

But truthfully I get insomnia when I get fatigue
(love those monthly gifts)
add ina busy schedule and I was beat like a pinata.

But this lovely, tasty cup of indulgence powered me through the
work day. Soy milk cap with a shot of almond syrup.

Oh. Yeah. Baby.

And now for a touch of randomness....

So the Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson
has a great "gourmet" edge that inspires it to offer
hard to find imported items and culinary treasures.

Suffering from low vitamin D on a recent trip I was hunting
for vitamin rich mushrooms. Or at least that is my
excuse. tee hee hee! (that was a creepy laugh)

Anyhoo, while hunting (or foraging might be a better word)
I came across these interesting treasures.

Pom Poms! How cute are they?

Is anyone else puzzled by the Chinese truffles?
They are nothing like the Italian or french ones.
This is a really long caption.
Stop it! Sorry.

Berry Season...

Very random study time snackage.