Monday, May 21, 2012

Random Monday

You have to work today...

 The beautiful tree above was my haven for lunch.

Can't really complain.

Since it was a last minute work day
I had a very thrown together lunch.
Some steamed veggies with almond sliver for protein.

Quite tasty!

Random Yum:

Spring Soup (?):

 So the first day it is a soup,
 but as it sits in the fridge the broth gets absorbed
and  it becomes more of a pilaf than a soup, but just as delicious.

1 c brown rice, black barley, daikon radish seed mix, uncooked
1 c Sliced mushrooms
1/2 c Frozen peas
1 bunch of celery chopped
1T 21 spice seasoning
2 loves garlic
4 cups of water (i didnt measure this
just add enough to cover all
 ingredients with extra 1/2 inch)

1) Put all ingredients in an oven safe bowl with a lid
2) "bake" at 350 for 40 minutes

Random Craving:

Brown Rice pasta with white beans and steam veg

Saturday, May 12, 2012

We Need Your Help: CLAAW

We interrupt this blog for a very important guest post from CLAAW:

Hello Food(less) Journey readers,

We have agreed to do this guest post to bring your attention to a very important subject.

Around the world abuse and abandonment are affecting a very high risk population.

It is time we all take a stand on the side of justice and do something about these abuses.

These victims are hiding in plain sight.
And they need your help!

Imagine the scene:

You are walking down the street and you see lying helpless and abandoned:

This weave was rescued fromt he middle of a sidewalk where it was nearly trampled to death.

This weave was found scared and abandoned in a residential neighborhood.

The above weave sought refuge on a transit bus where it huddled scared in the corner.

This poor weave was found in a residential area. Dirty and battered it was
crushing clay bricks into stone and selling the pebbles to Goldfish owners.

This rare "curly" weave was found digging in the garbage and was
 subsequently trapped and released into the wild.

This poor weave was near death. Deyudrated and parched by the summer
 sun we shielded it with our shadows until a rescue vehicle could arrive.

Coalition for Lost Abandoned and Abused Weave (CLAAW) needs your help!!
Please donate what you can. Every dollar helps to find a home for these lost and
abandoned weaves.

Please call today with your support

Or pledge your support online at the site we're partnering with TIN (Toupees In Need):

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Milkshake.....

Bad salad!
Go to your room and think about what you did!!
I thought this would be a good salad combo.
Romaine topped with chickpeas and hummus.
However there weren't enough veggies
and it needed some fat.

The good thing is it became the base of a better salad.
But I didnt get a pic of it.
But don't fret!
I got a picture of the beauty below:

Pasta salad with brown rice rotini, kalamata olives,
chopped tomato, cucumber, carrot chips and greek dressing.

Things I forgot to mention... 

I went to the $1 sale at Avalon an extremely happening resale shop.
 I was able to score quite a few great items.
Quite a few were brand new, which is always nice
when you are on a (tight) budget.

Just a few tags
Also went to a very chic Milkshake shop with the
fam. But they didnt have soymilkshakes so they
don't get a free plug from me.

But look at the awesome ceiling.
It was a very cute shop with loads of candy.

More Natural Beauty...

Kingdom Hall Parking Lot

The trees were showing off thier spring outfits. Gorgeous!

Beautiful Hyacinths!
These smell fantastic and were such a lovely shade.
I used to have a shirt this color, but it was knit and developed a hole.
Poor thing!

I know this isn't technically natural, but it's fully based
on the natural world.
Go ginko!

Natural and Yummy!

Really like the composition of this pic.
My hands were full and it was raining so
its not exactly how i wanted it, but its okay.

Im really craving this dish.
Almond meal porridge topped with coconut kefir
and almond crunch cereal from TJ.
aka: food i eat when i have more money for food budget
than i do currently.

Do it Yourself...

Such a cute idea to make a drink tray.
Decorated with adhesive cork punch out with a decorative
craft punch. Non slid and adorable.

Some of the earrings I made a while ago..
What's that glue stick doing?
Bombing my photo thats what!

On a Final Note...

So Cute! I havent forgot this teapot.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stars and Crystals and other Natural Beauties

Found this beautiful fortress of solitude attached to the lid of a
 container of fresh mangoes hidden in the freezer last summer.

Pic above is a little hard to see, but tonight Jupiter is to the left of the moon (brightest spot) and Venus is visible below the moon near the bottom of the frame (Click on pic and zoom)

This was on the evening of February 26th. I think it was the apex of the event.
Maybe not, but I really wanted to say apex.

That's right! Word Nerds unite!

So the moon is the bright spot
and Jupiter is to the left about an inch and
 then Venus is the little bright spot near the bottom of the pic below the moon.
Isn't amazing how bright the moon is when its only reflecting the light
of that big beautiful burning star we affectionately call the sun?

Speaking of pretty burning things...

accidental candle art

Someone had the bright idea of putting a pillar candle in
a lantern. Not the brightest idea, but it actually turned
into this beautiful work of art.

Okay onto some edibles.....

 My favorite "treat" breakfast is from the Whole Foods
breakfast hot bar.
Scrambled tofu with fresh spinach, seasoned potatoes and a dollop of guac.
Yum! and all!

The So delicious Coconut Milk Greek Yogurt is really tasty.
Not a fan of the chocolate flavor.
But the blueberry and strawberry are great.

The Greek style yogurt is so chocked full of good nutrients
I cant feel bad eating it. It would be great for breakfast.
But I had it with my lunch today.

Following the coconut theme...

Coconut Cream Pie Lara Bar

Yum is all i can say.

Sweet in the right kind of way.
Creamy in a melt in your mouth kind of way.