Monday, February 20, 2012

Pasta, Chocolate and other lovelies

Hello Precious!
Quite a few people have gone veg and gained weight.
Pasta is often the answer. Its an easily adaptable
but completely satisfying meal with or without meat and cheese.
And not that there is anything wrong with eating pasta, but
everything in moderation.

if you're going to have pasta be smart about it and have a pasta
made with Spelt flour. Spelt is a relative of wheat, but it has
a good amount of protein and lower glycemic index
(aka you don't get a blood sugar spike and crash)

Another trick is to smother your pasta....

Smothered Pasta

If you are going to eat pasta often have it be the accent to your meal
not the main component.
And remember to have another source of protein with it.
Protein has hunger satiating properties so eating it with something
potentially naughty helps you to eat less.
Another favorite sauce is white bean "cheese" sauce. Yum!

Smothered Pasta
1 c frozen spinach or kale mix
1/2 c cooked spelt penne
5 grape tomatoes, sliced
1 clove garlic sliced
2 T olive oil

1) Heat 1 T olive oil in pan and toss in garlic.
2) When garlic starts to brown throw in spinach.
3) Toss in cherry tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes.
4) Drizzle 1 T of Olive oil on the cooked and drained pasta.
5) Put the veggie mix in with the past and toss together then sprinkle with sea salt.

Which bring me to something that is actually naughty....

Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Gorgeous Creatures and Really tasty, but I'm still working
on tweaking this and making it more of a friendly
coworker. This batch was for someone else
so other than using raw sugar and unbleached flour
and whole foods natural pb I didn't tweak the recipe much.

But I want to try making this with spelt flour and a sugar alternative.
Yes you heard me right.
A sugar cookie made with no sugar.

Mwa hahaha.

They also freeze well. So i made a batch. Gave almost all to a friend
But kept 8 and froze them so I just popped one out as I needed a treat.

I found a sugar cookie recipe years ago that I veganized.
From there I have been making variations on it over the years.
This variation you make the dough and seperate into two batches.
One batch gets pb mixed in and the other cocoa powder.
Peanut butter dough goes into the chocolate

And now I want to make the leap to making it a healthy coworker.
Bold move I know!

Ill keep you posted.
Money shot. See the PB cookie inside?

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