Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost Spring?

How can you not think about spring
when there are French Tulips around?

It's 50 degrees out!

On warm days it smells like spring around here.
 I had to get out of the office and get some vitamin D.

Coat? Check!
Soup? Check!
Bible? Check!
Let's go!

I walked a ways away from my office
and posted on a bench for the duration of my lunch hour.
It wasn't warm outside, but it wasn't the bitter cold of winter either.
With soup to keep me warm from the inside out I was quite satisfied

Aren't these beautiful?
The smell is ridiculously delicious.
I stood by them and breathed deeply...

Summer Pasta

This pasta dish reminds me of Summer.
The brightly colored veggies.
Hint of citrus to brighten the flavor.
Where are my sandals?

Are you sick of me posting about pasta yet?
But it's so good!

Zucchini, Yellow Squash, carrots, cherry tomatoes,
green beans(will not use these again) and Spelt Pasta.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pasta, Chocolate and other lovelies

Hello Precious!
Quite a few people have gone veg and gained weight.
Pasta is often the answer. Its an easily adaptable
but completely satisfying meal with or without meat and cheese.
And not that there is anything wrong with eating pasta, but
everything in moderation.

if you're going to have pasta be smart about it and have a pasta
made with Spelt flour. Spelt is a relative of wheat, but it has
a good amount of protein and lower glycemic index
(aka you don't get a blood sugar spike and crash)

Another trick is to smother your pasta....

Smothered Pasta

If you are going to eat pasta often have it be the accent to your meal
not the main component.
And remember to have another source of protein with it.
Protein has hunger satiating properties so eating it with something
potentially naughty helps you to eat less.
Another favorite sauce is white bean "cheese" sauce. Yum!

Smothered Pasta
1 c frozen spinach or kale mix
1/2 c cooked spelt penne
5 grape tomatoes, sliced
1 clove garlic sliced
2 T olive oil

1) Heat 1 T olive oil in pan and toss in garlic.
2) When garlic starts to brown throw in spinach.
3) Toss in cherry tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes.
4) Drizzle 1 T of Olive oil on the cooked and drained pasta.
5) Put the veggie mix in with the past and toss together then sprinkle with sea salt.

Which bring me to something that is actually naughty....

Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Gorgeous Creatures and Really tasty, but I'm still working
on tweaking this and making it more of a friendly
coworker. This batch was for someone else
so other than using raw sugar and unbleached flour
and whole foods natural pb I didn't tweak the recipe much.

But I want to try making this with spelt flour and a sugar alternative.
Yes you heard me right.
A sugar cookie made with no sugar.

Mwa hahaha.

They also freeze well. So i made a batch. Gave almost all to a friend
But kept 8 and froze them so I just popped one out as I needed a treat.

I found a sugar cookie recipe years ago that I veganized.
From there I have been making variations on it over the years.
This variation you make the dough and seperate into two batches.
One batch gets pb mixed in and the other cocoa powder.
Peanut butter dough goes into the chocolate

And now I want to make the leap to making it a healthy coworker.
Bold move I know!

Ill keep you posted.
Money shot. See the PB cookie inside?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love and Pizza

I think that phrase is heavily overused and underused at the same time.
People say things like:
 "I love pizza"
"I love my dog"
"I love my new jeans"

But they are excessively hesitant to tell the people around them that they love them.

To be sure, there are ways to show that you love someone.

But showing does not exempt you from telling.

We humanoids need verbal confirmation.

So go call a friend, loved one, older person
that has inspired you and is dear to you
and tell them that you love them.

Right now! Go!

Did you do it? Good job.

Now let's talk food....


Pizza In a Bowl
Pizza in a bowl is one of my fave lazy dishes.
It feeds the pizza obsession in a quick and easy and carb optional way.
It's not really a set recipe, but here is what I do:

1) Heat 1 T olive oil in a pan and toss in 1/2 c fresh mushrooms.
(onion and fresh garlic and spinach could also go in at this point)

2) When the mushrooms are browned toss in 1 c cherry or grape tomatoes
and add 1 t each Italian seasoning, oregano and sea salt.

3) When they are warm and just slightly softened turn off the heat

4) Add in 1/4c black olives.

5) Serve with warm pita, bread sticks, crusty Italian or french bread
 over pasta or over rice or eat it out of the bowl.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Back to Regularly Scheduled Broadcast

Yeah it snowed a litttle....

Okay so I might have scared some folks with all that meat I had on here in the last post.
Grow up yenz I know you've seen ribs before.

Like when you go to a restaurant with a meat eater.

Or when you go to a bbq joint.

Or when you watch a fashion show.

Anyway, I think eating or not eating meat is a personal choice.
I personally choose not to. But I have friends who choose to eat meat.

I also pick and choose my battles...

Sometimes they are eating veg-based foods and dont know it, but
I feel bad for tricking them so much. So then I will let them eat meat
in my presence and I won't smack them with the forget me stick
(did you see the movie Megamind? Hilarious!).

Below I present you with some totally veg-based deliciousness to cleanse your palate.
The soup is gluten free, but the pita not so much.

Salsa soup with black beans
garnished with homemade pita chips

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Superbowl Parties are all about the Food"

Vegetables at a Superbowl Party? That is weird.
Dont worry there is dip and dressing to drown them in.
So here is a really big secret. Don't tell  anyone. Seriously.

I ask people to bring Veggie trays to my gatherings.
They assume it is because I want to have something healthy
and because im a veg-head. But thats not why.

People don't  eat all the veggies and then I have fresh veggies for the week.

Diabolical I know, but I repay my guests by pulling out the Reynolds wrap and letting them
take home all the crap I don't eat anyway.

So we all win. :-)
Pizza, meatballs, buffalo wings, maple bbq wings
fried zuchini, fried mozzarella, creepy marinara sauce

Superbowl Parties have nothing to do with this...

It's about this: meat snacks

And this: fried vegetables

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lollihop Treats and Random Eats and Bakery Square

 But First...
  Best Bakery Party at Bakery Square

a sampling of treats
Last Saturday I went to the Best Bakery Party at Bakery Square. It was really nice!

Even tho there was only one bakery I found with treats for moi. But those treats were delicious!

I had 4 mini cupcakes from Dozens Bake Shop. They are back and better than ever I might add.
The cake was moist and flavorful in its own right, but the icing was knock your socks and boots off good.

Chocolate Buttercream on the vanilla cake and peppermint icing on the Chocolate cake.

Chocolate Cake with Peppermint Icing

If the Choc buttercream had been on the chocolate cake I probably would have gone into a coma eating 2 more of those. But its giving me some ideas....

Lollihop from Health Deals

I got my Lollihop box a few weeks ago and ate it up before the week was gone

This was an extremely tasty and awesome box!

Well not the box, but the things in the box....

- Paleonola, Chocolate Fix

   This was delicious! I need more of this grain free granola asap.

- Good Health Natural Foods (makers of my beloved Humbles)
Peanut Butter Stuffed Pretzels, Salted

    Good but too salty for my liking

- Popcorn, Indiana, Kettle Corn Original

    So tasty! Not as crunchy as fresh kettle corn, but this could definitely get me through winter

- Inka Crops, Gourmet Inka Corn Original
   Very good! Not as hard as corn nuts, but that same taste..and bigger

-Calbea Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, Original
   You know how I feel about these little bites of yumminess. I happily got several relatives and friends addicted to these things. They are only $1.30 a bag so its not an expensive addiction....

- Two Degrees, Cherry Almond Bar

    These were right up my alley! Filled with fruit and nuts and grain sweetened. My first experience with Chia Seeds. I might have to look into putting these in my date bars.

- Popcorners, Sea Salt

    These remind me of the rice cakes that were made of corn, but these are 300 times better. Just the right amount of salt and the flavor was like fresh popcorn.

Two Degrees Bar in cherry almond
in scary surroundings....

There was only one thing in it that had dairy and I passed it on to the bro,
but it was ranch and thats not up my alley anyway
(odd considering i used to practically drink it out the bottle).

I would purchase all but one of the products they put in my box and was really happy with everything.

Sadly this company is discontinuing the mail order service for a while.
But keep an eye on them.

Recent Eats
Romaine Lettuce topped with roasted zuchini and cashews with cilantro

Romaine Topped with
quinoa, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, avocado and fresh cilantro

Microwave toasted almonds with honey, sea salt and cayenne