Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stress eating the right way....

What is it about chocolate that makes things seem so much cheerier?

Oh right its that phenylethylamine which mimics the feelings of love in the human body....
and the caffeine of course.

Isn't science great?

After a stress-filled weekend I was ready for some chocolate today,
but Im all about responsible snacking so, I decided on some banana - based ice cream.

Not to be confused with banana flavored ice cream. Entirely different creature.

Depending on the flavors used, the mix ends up not tasting like bananas at all.

And yes I hear you scoffing and murmering about how it is 20 degrees outside
and with the wind chill it feels like its 0 degrees.

Trust me.

It's worth it.

So go grab some thick socks and a blanket to wrap up in and get to it!

Light some candles for some radiant heat and close the blinds so you can't see the snow.

Added bonus: Shivering burns calories!

Pomegranate and/or Chocolate Soft Serve.

~Take 2 frozen bananas and blend them with 1 t almond extract and 1/4 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

~Then half the mixture with 2T pomegranate juice (yay antioxidants) and the other with 3T cocoa powder(aka Love Powder).

~Layer ice cream mixtures in a cup and then top with 2T slivered almonds and 2t coconut oil (yay healthy fat).

~Devour and feel the stress melting away as you shiver. Don't fret about hypothermia.

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