Thursday, December 15, 2011

My second Blissmobox!

My second and sadly last Blissmobox came yesterday. I was so excited I hopped right into. These are the things I haven't eaten yet. They are all new to my palate except for the Flamous Falafel Chips. I purchased a bag of those on my last trip to Naturally Soergel's.

untouched goodies..not for long
 The theme was Vegan Snacks and it seems vegans must adore chocolate because most of the snacks are chocolate based or have chocolate in them.

things ive tried so far

This morning I had the chocolate Bobo Bar for breakfast. Awfully delicious! It had the flavor notes and scent of a brownie, but its made up of completely friendly co-workes and gluten-less to boot. I have been a long time fan of Bobo's Bars, but I usually get the original flavor.

Yesterday, I had the  ProBar Halo in S'mores flavor. Delicious! The Eli's Earth Bar was out of this world. It was in the "celebrate bar" flavor. The outside of the package said this flavor was 'almond caramel coconut'. Interestingly, the coconut was inside the caramel.

inside eli's earth bar in 'celebrate bar'

I am very happy with this months box selection. Anything food related usually makes me happy tho. I just really like it that this will suplement the groceries I got until it time to shop again and beyond. I really don't buy snack often because its not in the budget, but this box is great!

Thanks Blissmo for having an awesome selection. Totally work the12.50. :-)

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