Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are you vegan? Are you vegetarian?

this pie is not Vegan and neither am i
Short answer: I do not eat meat or dairy, but No I am not a vegan..

Long Answer: I am a human. I am a Christian. But I do not define myself, by what I eat. Therefore I am not "a vegan" nor "a vegetarian" Im just the average human who has decided not to eat meat.

Do you get that question a lot? Does it annoy you too? Do you live in the United States?

When I was in Italy in September and I would say "Oh i dont eat meat" No one would bat a lash. They would say "okay. try this instead."

But they are masters in the art of cooking. Not that America doesn't have its share of great chefs and culinary achievements. But the average American seems to have no culinary imagination. Or maybe they are stuck on tradition.

Bread and butter? No thanks I'll dip my bread in olive oil and balsamic vinegar thank you very much.
Peanut Butter and Jelly? If I must, but why not try almond butter and preserves on toasted bread (so the peanut butter melts a little)?

Is it an American thing to be preoccupied with food to the point of intrusion in other peoples personal choices?

Can I turn down an ingestible in America without giving an explanation? "No!" the masses shout.

And it's only with certain things: alcohol, bread, meat and cheese.

But these four things might be the backbone of american diets. It's quite possible that people think they literally can't live without these things.

I mean think about it.

If you say "I don't drink alcohol" people ask (in hushed tones) "Are you an alcoholic?"

If you don't eat cheese "Are you lactose intolerant?"

If you dont eat bread, "What! Are you on a diet OR SOMEThiNG?" Still not sure what the "or something" entails but doesn't it seem rather foreboding.

I won't even go into what people say when someone says "I dont eat meat" because either you have said it or have had it said to you. Plus it annoys me just to think about it.

I doubt anyone gets those questions with things like mustard, carrots or sesame seeds.

"What? You don't eat sesame seeds? Are you addicted? Do you want me to eat this sesame seed bun somewhere else? Are you sesame seed intolerant? Can you eat just a little? Like one or two? How sick do you get?"
As if there is no other reason you would abstain from these things unless you are an addict or allergic OR SOMETHING.

I think I mind "are you allergic?" the least out of the three questions because a simple "yes" can end the inquisition. But it still seems to imply the only valid reason to avoid these things is if you were born with a flaw that demands abstinance.

Okay. Enough ranting. Tomorrow we will talk about eating cupcakes and dancing.

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