Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Fun

Friday: Here is the yumminess I had for lunch. Seriously tasty new item in Trader Joes. There are 4 in the box with a coconut chutney (for only 1.99!). I had one at work and ate the other 3 when I got home. These were seriously yum. I have to go buy some before Joe stops selling them ( I love you Joe, but you are kind of fickle sometimes..I still havent gotten over the Wonton Chips Incident)

Friday evening I went to the Tasting event at Whole Foods. No pics cuz too busy stuffing my face with free samples of cranberry orange relish, tofurkey and stuffing, quinoa wild rice pecan stuffing, and roasted seasonal vegatables.

jewelry for sale
 Saturday: lovely morning of service,then to the craft show and directly on to the "Spiritual Goals" program where I was interviewed and "sang" a Kingdom song in sign language

cards for sale

awesome tower on fall drive

Sunday: Woke up to study Watchtower. Wonderful lesson! To meeting and then on a fall drive out to a state park near Soergels Orchard and naturally a stop at Soergel's  followed.

Got some treats from "Naturally Soergel's". Not as many things as usual since I was "hungry shopping" (while most people over shop when hungry I tend to undershop..I know..that is weird...).

But I will tell you about the things i bought later this week.

right before i fell in the lake of lunacy
Here is a lame picture of me in front of the beautiful waterfall in front of Naturally Soergels. I made it as small as possible. Sorry for the damage to your eyes.

You know I had to buy one of these baskets of serious yum. It was only $5, but there was a ginormous apple in it that I would have paid $5 just to have. I see apple pear bake in my future belly.

I love weird looking gourds. Creepy grey pumpkin thingy's with skin issues can all be in my club.

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