Thursday, November 3, 2011

My First Blissmobox Came!!

Hello Blissmo!

But first a major aside about my old frienemy salad....

Im really not a salad person generally.I think I had too many bad salad experiences when i was new to not eating meat.

I don't ever crave a "salad" per ce. I do get cravings for things like Sumi Salad which is like cole slaw but without all the heavy dressing, or avocado salad which is also a lettuce-less cousin of salad.

But I bought  a load of veggies and some lettuce to make a salad for dinner for the Zone visit last Saturday at Coraopolis.  

I never did put lettuce in the salad because after I chopped the veggies there was no room in the lunch container. I had to smash down what was in there to get it to close as it was.

Yellow pepper, avocado, cucumber, tomato, chickpeas and carrots (Whole Foods had them labeled as  juicing carrots. they were sweet crisp and yummy). Sprinkle of Italian sea salt and drizzle of olive oil.

So, I had lettuce wilting in the fridge and decided to make a quick salad while my dinner was warming. This is my idea of a salad. Big chunks of vegetables and a mound of romaine.

I want my salad measured in inches not centimeters.

Okay, so my Blissmobox came yesterday and I was beyond excited to open it, but I also had the TMS review to do so that first and box after!

I do have my priorities straight people. 

Anyway, I chose the Body Blissmobox for this month and was sent:
 ~ Out Of Africa Vanilla Shea Body Lotion (full size)
 ~ Out of Africa Bar Soap in Verbana (full size)
 ~ Mineral Fusion Volumizing shampoo (big trial)
 ~ Mineral Fusion Volumizing conditioner (big trial)
 ~ Mineral Fusion face mask (big trial)
 ~ Waleda Pomegranate Body Wash (full size)
~ Postage Paid Postcard to send to a friend (very nice touch)

Can you say "score!" boys and girls?? What a lovely load of natural products!

Verbana is my second secret scent addiction (almond is #1..don't be knew that).
The shower wash I used this morning. It was creamy and the smell was seriously decadent.
The lotion has an interesting smell. I have a VERY sensitive nose so my reaction to things is often different than it is for others, but although it was to be Vanilla I was getting a lot of the citrus ingredients in the scent. Not that it was an unpleasant smell, but I think this could easily be labeled Citrusy Vanilla or something along those lines.

I probably should mention that Im somewhat picky about my scents and accurate labeling. If it says "vanilla" I want the scent to conjure up lazy afternoons with a vanilla bean ice cream cone and nothing to do but watch the sun set and count firefly's.

The ingredients are all natural and my nose is attuned to picking up oil- based scents and super sensitive in general, as I mentioned, so your experience with it might be dif. Come smell me and you will know for sure.

Blissmo is like Groupon or Living Social (addicted to these) for organic and ecofriendly products, but recently they started a new endeavor in which they send you a box of goodies each month for $19. You get to choose a category and the products included fall into that category.

I did a Health Deal's (like Groupon with health related you sense a theme in my online activity?) deal to get two months of the service at a discount.

Ill let you know what I get next month. Or I won't and leave you guessing. We'll see.

Larabar has a new flavor and I tasted it today at lunch. And by "tasted" I mean bought it at the co-op and daintily devoured it as soon as i got back to the office.

It is seriously delicious.

I was just thinking about making chocolate sugar cookies with dried cherries, but this has totally killed the craving for those.

But I will still share the recipe for those cookies with you at some point. It's a really good cookie.

I haven't really gotten on board with the whole "make your own Larabar you lazy tubby" club, but this just might motivate me. Not that Larabars are especially expensive at $1.25 or $1.12 (or .99 when I can catch them on sale), but frugal is as frugal does and frugal doesn't buy something she can make herself for cheaper.

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