Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mmm Snacks...

This past Sunday after the meeting my family headed over to my dads job to handle some very important family business (code for read his vintage comic books and find questionable ones that need pitching..into the trash goes Thor and Wendy the Witch....).

On the way there we stopped at Co-op and I grabbed some snacks.

 The Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Sun Flour Baking Company are really something to write home about. I think its the addition of pinto bean flour. Beans add that chewy, naughty texture while actually making a relatively good for you cookie even better for you.

Yay protein! Yay hiding healthy coworkers in "naughty" foods!

And they really don't taste like they are gluten free.

I'd feed these to my friends with no diet restrictions. Wait...No I wouldn't. I don't want to share.

Yes. I did have to buy the San Pellegrino.
I needed my mineral water fix and this was all the CVS had.
So, there.

Have you had these before?
They are like cheesy buttery cheetos. Kind of.
They have nutritional yeast on them which is just my best friend when i
need want a healthy snack.
And how cute is the name Tings? Great snack for kids obviously.

Another amazing bits of snackage I've had recently. The Talenti sorbetto is some kind of delicious! It takes me right back to wandering around Piazza's with fruit gelato. I had the Roman Raspberry flavor. It is sweet and creamy with just the right amount of tartness. Go. Buy. Now. It's only $4.99.

Salty Pepper flavor Somersaults Sunflower Snacks look kind of odd, but taste ridiculously delicious. They are tiny but full of flavor. You will want to eat 2 servings, but they are so flavorful its easier to stop at one.

A homie that works at Whole Foods turned me on to these tasty babies. Id seen them all over the place, but they happened to be on sale when I forayed into WF so I said why not make these the other half of my grocery splurge for this week.

Did you know that is why people gain weight eating so-called "diet" foods? They are not satisfied by the bland under seasoned stuff.

So eat real food, but eat less of it and move more people!

In fact, stop reading the internets and go take a walk.

Or pace in place while reading. That's NEET!

I don't know why all this snack talk reminds me of the lounge I hung out in on my return trip from Italy.
It was such a splurge but i needed a place to chill and they included
an all you can eat buffet and computers and TV and really comfy chairs.
Thanks JFK Lounge!

Tomorrow I have a super spectacular post all about the amazing-ness
of Raw Revolution Bars and the super nice people who work there.

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