Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hat, Hat, Hooray!

It's hat season! Yay!

I think my hair looks so pretty under that hat. Why can't it always look like that?

 Here's the detail on the side of the hat. Cute, no?

And now for a creepy close up...

Yikes! A face only a mother could love.
Unless you have my mother.
She still makes me wear a brown paper bag at the dinner table.
Don't feel bad for me because at least now im allowed to poke holes in the bag so i can see my plate...

Okay thats not true. Last time I ate dinner with my family it was not around a table.
And my mom is super nice! Too nice if you ask me!

Enough with the fashion. Where's the food? Isn't this a food blog?

Oh there it is! This was lunch. Very delicious for no real reason.

I made two different dishes:

~~~ Whole Foods Greens (frozen kale, collard, and mustard greens) Mix with Italian vegatables(carrots, yellow squash, zuchini, onion, green beans and red pepper) , canned tomatoes and italian seasoning slow roasted in the oven.

~~~ The second dish was a new product Everyday Value Organic Rice & Lentil Medley with brown rice, brown lentils and red lentils with fresh mushrooms and olive oil. The second dish was baked in the oven as well. The mushrooms olive oil and water and lentils create this, for lack of a better word, gravy that the brown rice absorbs while it is cooking. Seriously high on the yum scale.

I went to Whole Foods last night and bought some supplies for the next few days. And there were new coupons to be used so of course I bought a few things that weren't on the list.

Like coconut butter and coconut oil. Two entirely different creatures. Yay dollar off coupons! And more importantly they are filled with the healthy kinds of fat that leave you satisfied and actually help you burn fat.

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