Thursday, November 10, 2011

Customer Service All Star Award : Raw Revolution

Ive been a fan of Raw Rev for quite some time now. I discovered them when I was going through a "raw" eating phase.

 But unlike my desire to eat Raw all the time (I'm too anemic to avoid a piping hot bowl of soup in the wintertime and my blender stinks but if i had an awesome (i.e. not made in the 1950's) blender I know i could do more "raw") certain "raw" products like this one stayed in my repertoire.

 Their bars are seriously decadent, delicious, and chock full of "good for you" things. They are great for an on the go meal or snack.

Alas, I had a not too pleasant experience with one of their bars (story withheld to protect the innocent bar) and I wrote to inquire "what the dealy yo?" (did i spell that right?). And guess what happened....

No really. Guess what happened.

You give up? Quitter....

Well what happened is that this really awesomely nice guy who works for Raw Rev sent me a box full of lovely goodies and yumminess.

Kudos to Raw Revolution for being kind, awesome, understanding and extremely generous.

Also, a very special thank you for being delicious. and quite often chocolate.

I'll be reviewing the flavors soon. I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting.

Take a Look:
7 full sized bars, 5 100-calorie minis and 3 Organic Greens Super Food Bar

And some awesome BOGO coupons!

A close up of the minis. They are so cute!

 Speaking of Raw and Sweet....

Wholesome  Sweeteners sent me a sample pack of their agave and raw sugar products.

I've been wanting to try their maple syrup so I guess now I can at no cost to me. Yay!

Pancakes for breakfast tomorrow? I think so!

Cute packaging...
But its whats on the inside that counts

 On an unrelated note....

I purchased the Sula Paint and Peel nail polish in the color "Dove" ans I really like it!

It's not as dark as it looks in this picture, but it's more like a purple grey with hints of blue.

Notice the Raw Rev Bar Hiding in the background....

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