Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black (and Blue) Friday AKA Dumb Holidays

Hotel Breakfast:

Instant Oatmeal with craisins and walnuts with a chaser of Bigelow green Tea (Hi Bigelow! Call me!).
I brought my own cereal from home but to this morning I was sneaking out of the suite pretty early and my lil bro sleeps in the kitchen (don't ask) so I decided to embibe in the creepy snacks the hotel offers.

The selection was actually not bad for omnivores and less picky non-omnivores. Im just not a fan of instant oatmeal. The ingredient lists generally include a few ingredients that the general population could not spell in a life or death spelling bee (I mean non-Americans of course since Americans can't spell anyway. Im not prejudiced! Im honest.) let alone know what they are..

Did everyone survive the materialistic olympics yesterday?

I hope so. I did not wake up at a ridiculous time of day, but I still got some awesome deals. It should be noted my sole reason for going shopping is my proximity to the Tanger Outlets this weekend.

It's kind of far from home, but since Im staying out here this weekend why not eh?
(No Im not learning to speak Canadian! Im just trying to be more culturally diverse. Hi Canada!)

These running shoes at addidas were $10 after all the discounts. Boo ya!(I dont know what this means because I dont speak slang, but it seemed to fit the moment.)

With my awful knees I dont plan on doing any running, but these are great fitness shoes.

 Running shoes have great arch support and wonderful shock absorbption if you get a good pair. I don't claim to have purchase a "good" pair, but they were uber discounted for no other reason than that they are from the "spring line", so they will do just fine.

Not on the shopping list, but these juicy tube babies were a rediculous steal at $2.20 each (marked down from $10!!!). Of course I remember when the full sized ones were $8 at the outlet cosmetics store (she scornfully recalls). I bought four but will most likely not keep the other three. Want one?

Old Navy is usually offering up some sweet clearance deals and they were! I got a pair of dark wash jeans for $5, a white 3/4 length sleeve tee for $1.97 (we dont have sales tax on clothes so it really was that price), and a cream colored top with braiding design along the shoulder area. I look really stupid with braided hair so Ill wear that trend on my sleeve..literally....

Im not a fan of clothes shopping in general because...well.. Im a miser. But I really don't like shopping this time of year when people are in an absolute frenzy.

For those in the reading audience not from the USA or other such materialistic, oppressive and holiday-addicted places, they are in a frenzy to get a good deal on things because the "have to" buy gifts for everyone they know. Rediculous? Like most traditions in this country : yes it is rediculous.

God loves a "cheerful giver"! Not one who is forced into giving because "last year neighbor Bob bought my pet Joe a chew toy so this year I have to buy something for his dog Missy and sign the card as coming from my Joe". There are at least 4 elements of rediculous in the previous sentence. If you can name all 4 you get a special treat. Leave a comment below or email me. The value of the treat is under $5 but i think you will enjoy it nonetheless. ;-)

Something scary.....AKA "Just in Case You doubt we live in the 'Last days'"

Im using the computer in the business office of the hotel. There is a little girl who is maybe 10 years old and white is looking up rap videos on you tube to learn the lyrics. Her current choice is sexually explicit and has profanity that would make a biker blush. But the rapper is a female so i guess that makes it all okay in someones mind (that someone being a complete demented record executive).

Im not sure what is more scary (you pick):
- that she wants to listen to rap music
- that she is trying to learn the lyrics
- that women rap
- that she is allowed to use the computer on her own
- that she is allowed to roam around a hotel by herself

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