Saturday, November 26, 2011

Living in a Hotel... A Pictorial

Perk 1: Not having Cable at home, being in a hotel provides ample opportunities to catch up on less noxious reality shows like Deadliest Catch and Pickers.

Perk 2: And of course it is an absolute treat to have a tricked out in-home gym:

creepy blue workout pants from Bebe

Perk 3: Plenty of opportunities for creepy photos:
exhibit a

exhibit b
Perk 4: Lovely large dining room and breakfast area:
i could fit all my friends in here...if i had any friends that is
Perk 5: Beautifully decorated front hall greeting area tricked out with a fireplace:
i seriously have a thing for fireplaces

Some other of the many perks of living in a hotel:
~ Ice machine
~ Central air and heat
~ Big picture windows
~ Drink bar in front lobby for all day coffee and tea (BUT no dairy alternative sadly)
~ Maid service

Inspirational Thoughts:

And for our creepy photo of the day/ inspirational message:
Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Since I live in the North East and there are no naturally growing flowers this time of year I will have to go to Whole Foods or some other such place to smell the flowers. But who can frown at an excuse to go to whole foods?

Its funny.. For all the things Pittsburgh does not have, we do have a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's within walking distance with a Target smack in the middle of the two. Go figure!

Black (and Blue) Friday AKA Dumb Holidays

Hotel Breakfast:

Instant Oatmeal with craisins and walnuts with a chaser of Bigelow green Tea (Hi Bigelow! Call me!).
I brought my own cereal from home but to this morning I was sneaking out of the suite pretty early and my lil bro sleeps in the kitchen (don't ask) so I decided to embibe in the creepy snacks the hotel offers.

The selection was actually not bad for omnivores and less picky non-omnivores. Im just not a fan of instant oatmeal. The ingredient lists generally include a few ingredients that the general population could not spell in a life or death spelling bee (I mean non-Americans of course since Americans can't spell anyway. Im not prejudiced! Im honest.) let alone know what they are..

Did everyone survive the materialistic olympics yesterday?

I hope so. I did not wake up at a ridiculous time of day, but I still got some awesome deals. It should be noted my sole reason for going shopping is my proximity to the Tanger Outlets this weekend.

It's kind of far from home, but since Im staying out here this weekend why not eh?
(No Im not learning to speak Canadian! Im just trying to be more culturally diverse. Hi Canada!)

These running shoes at addidas were $10 after all the discounts. Boo ya!(I dont know what this means because I dont speak slang, but it seemed to fit the moment.)

With my awful knees I dont plan on doing any running, but these are great fitness shoes.

 Running shoes have great arch support and wonderful shock absorbption if you get a good pair. I don't claim to have purchase a "good" pair, but they were uber discounted for no other reason than that they are from the "spring line", so they will do just fine.

Not on the shopping list, but these juicy tube babies were a rediculous steal at $2.20 each (marked down from $10!!!). Of course I remember when the full sized ones were $8 at the outlet cosmetics store (she scornfully recalls). I bought four but will most likely not keep the other three. Want one?

Old Navy is usually offering up some sweet clearance deals and they were! I got a pair of dark wash jeans for $5, a white 3/4 length sleeve tee for $1.97 (we dont have sales tax on clothes so it really was that price), and a cream colored top with braiding design along the shoulder area. I look really stupid with braided hair so Ill wear that trend on my sleeve..literally....

Im not a fan of clothes shopping in general because...well.. Im a miser. But I really don't like shopping this time of year when people are in an absolute frenzy.

For those in the reading audience not from the USA or other such materialistic, oppressive and holiday-addicted places, they are in a frenzy to get a good deal on things because the "have to" buy gifts for everyone they know. Rediculous? Like most traditions in this country : yes it is rediculous.

God loves a "cheerful giver"! Not one who is forced into giving because "last year neighbor Bob bought my pet Joe a chew toy so this year I have to buy something for his dog Missy and sign the card as coming from my Joe". There are at least 4 elements of rediculous in the previous sentence. If you can name all 4 you get a special treat. Leave a comment below or email me. The value of the treat is under $5 but i think you will enjoy it nonetheless. ;-)

Something scary.....AKA "Just in Case You doubt we live in the 'Last days'"

Im using the computer in the business office of the hotel. There is a little girl who is maybe 10 years old and white is looking up rap videos on you tube to learn the lyrics. Her current choice is sexually explicit and has profanity that would make a biker blush. But the rapper is a female so i guess that makes it all okay in someones mind (that someone being a complete demented record executive).

Im not sure what is more scary (you pick):
- that she wants to listen to rap music
- that she is trying to learn the lyrics
- that women rap
- that she is allowed to use the computer on her own
- that she is allowed to roam around a hotel by herself

Friday, November 18, 2011


This week seemed to drag on a bit.....

Or was it just me?

I didnt have anything special or extra to do this week so i think maybe i had too much free time (aka bored out of my mind time...okay maybe not bored but i actually had to find something to do which is strange).

Okay so maybe I had one out of the ordinary thing to do.....

On Wednesday I went to the Partylite Preview Party/ Regional Meeting. The preview party was wonderful. The meeting part not so much.

These are my favorite two holders. Not sure that the first one is new per ce, but it really caught my eye.

This one has a really stupid name. So, I'll just  call it the SIlver Art Deco Lamp Style candle holder.

And interior designer had the cleveridea of using 5 of the large ones in a flower design as a centerpiece. It looked really beautiful, but these cost approximately $3,000,000 dollars each so Im not sure who could afford such an extravagance.

Last night...


 Saturday Im going on a Seldom Worked Territory trip. At least I think I am. Let's see at 5am tomorrow. lol
Wow! Typing that out loud made me realize how early i have to get up tomorrow. But im going to bed early to compensate so it will all even out by Sunday (she says to herself doubtfully).

On an unrelated note...but not totally...
Isn't this the cutest tea pot ever. It's based on those Russian Nesting Dolls.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Fun

Friday: Here is the yumminess I had for lunch. Seriously tasty new item in Trader Joes. There are 4 in the box with a coconut chutney (for only 1.99!). I had one at work and ate the other 3 when I got home. These were seriously yum. I have to go buy some before Joe stops selling them ( I love you Joe, but you are kind of fickle sometimes..I still havent gotten over the Wonton Chips Incident)

Friday evening I went to the Tasting event at Whole Foods. No pics cuz too busy stuffing my face with free samples of cranberry orange relish, tofurkey and stuffing, quinoa wild rice pecan stuffing, and roasted seasonal vegatables.

jewelry for sale
 Saturday: lovely morning of service,then to the craft show and directly on to the "Spiritual Goals" program where I was interviewed and "sang" a Kingdom song in sign language

cards for sale

awesome tower on fall drive

Sunday: Woke up to study Watchtower. Wonderful lesson! To meeting and then on a fall drive out to a state park near Soergels Orchard and naturally a stop at Soergel's  followed.

Got some treats from "Naturally Soergel's". Not as many things as usual since I was "hungry shopping" (while most people over shop when hungry I tend to undershop..I know..that is weird...).

But I will tell you about the things i bought later this week.

right before i fell in the lake of lunacy
Here is a lame picture of me in front of the beautiful waterfall in front of Naturally Soergels. I made it as small as possible. Sorry for the damage to your eyes.

You know I had to buy one of these baskets of serious yum. It was only $5, but there was a ginormous apple in it that I would have paid $5 just to have. I see apple pear bake in my future belly.

I love weird looking gourds. Creepy grey pumpkin thingy's with skin issues can all be in my club.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Customer Service All Star Award : Raw Revolution

Ive been a fan of Raw Rev for quite some time now. I discovered them when I was going through a "raw" eating phase.

 But unlike my desire to eat Raw all the time (I'm too anemic to avoid a piping hot bowl of soup in the wintertime and my blender stinks but if i had an awesome (i.e. not made in the 1950's) blender I know i could do more "raw") certain "raw" products like this one stayed in my repertoire.

 Their bars are seriously decadent, delicious, and chock full of "good for you" things. They are great for an on the go meal or snack.

Alas, I had a not too pleasant experience with one of their bars (story withheld to protect the innocent bar) and I wrote to inquire "what the dealy yo?" (did i spell that right?). And guess what happened....

No really. Guess what happened.

You give up? Quitter....

Well what happened is that this really awesomely nice guy who works for Raw Rev sent me a box full of lovely goodies and yumminess.

Kudos to Raw Revolution for being kind, awesome, understanding and extremely generous.

Also, a very special thank you for being delicious. and quite often chocolate.

I'll be reviewing the flavors soon. I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting.

Take a Look:
7 full sized bars, 5 100-calorie minis and 3 Organic Greens Super Food Bar

And some awesome BOGO coupons!

A close up of the minis. They are so cute!

 Speaking of Raw and Sweet....

Wholesome  Sweeteners sent me a sample pack of their agave and raw sugar products.

I've been wanting to try their maple syrup so I guess now I can at no cost to me. Yay!

Pancakes for breakfast tomorrow? I think so!

Cute packaging...
But its whats on the inside that counts

 On an unrelated note....

I purchased the Sula Paint and Peel nail polish in the color "Dove" ans I really like it!

It's not as dark as it looks in this picture, but it's more like a purple grey with hints of blue.

Notice the Raw Rev Bar Hiding in the background....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mmm Snacks...

This past Sunday after the meeting my family headed over to my dads job to handle some very important family business (code for read his vintage comic books and find questionable ones that need pitching..into the trash goes Thor and Wendy the Witch....).

On the way there we stopped at Co-op and I grabbed some snacks.

 The Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Sun Flour Baking Company are really something to write home about. I think its the addition of pinto bean flour. Beans add that chewy, naughty texture while actually making a relatively good for you cookie even better for you.

Yay protein! Yay hiding healthy coworkers in "naughty" foods!

And they really don't taste like they are gluten free.

I'd feed these to my friends with no diet restrictions. Wait...No I wouldn't. I don't want to share.

Yes. I did have to buy the San Pellegrino.
I needed my mineral water fix and this was all the CVS had.
So, there.

Have you had these before?
They are like cheesy buttery cheetos. Kind of.
They have nutritional yeast on them which is just my best friend when i
need want a healthy snack.
And how cute is the name Tings? Great snack for kids obviously.

Another amazing bits of snackage I've had recently. The Talenti sorbetto is some kind of delicious! It takes me right back to wandering around Piazza's with fruit gelato. I had the Roman Raspberry flavor. It is sweet and creamy with just the right amount of tartness. Go. Buy. Now. It's only $4.99.

Salty Pepper flavor Somersaults Sunflower Snacks look kind of odd, but taste ridiculously delicious. They are tiny but full of flavor. You will want to eat 2 servings, but they are so flavorful its easier to stop at one.

A homie that works at Whole Foods turned me on to these tasty babies. Id seen them all over the place, but they happened to be on sale when I forayed into WF so I said why not make these the other half of my grocery splurge for this week.

Did you know that is why people gain weight eating so-called "diet" foods? They are not satisfied by the bland under seasoned stuff.

So eat real food, but eat less of it and move more people!

In fact, stop reading the internets and go take a walk.

Or pace in place while reading. That's NEET!

I don't know why all this snack talk reminds me of the lounge I hung out in on my return trip from Italy.
It was such a splurge but i needed a place to chill and they included
an all you can eat buffet and computers and TV and really comfy chairs.
Thanks JFK Lounge!

Tomorrow I have a super spectacular post all about the amazing-ness
of Raw Revolution Bars and the super nice people who work there.

Friday, November 4, 2011

More 1,000 words

This is where I worshipped in Italy.
In the lower left side of this Quad Kingdom Hall.

This is the Olive Tree at my place of worship....

Not ripe yet, but already looking yummy....

A view at the back..

The elegant chandelier in the lobby...

A beautiful painting in the lobby....

My favorite act of graffiti in Italy.....

A view in one of the markets we preached in....

This market had loads of jewelry making supplies...
You know I was drooling over this table....



This is the view on the way to the kingdom hall....

This is the view from my bed....

This is my favorite Italian snack....
Protein packed and spicy....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My First Blissmobox Came!!

Hello Blissmo!

But first a major aside about my old frienemy salad....

Im really not a salad person generally.I think I had too many bad salad experiences when i was new to not eating meat.

I don't ever crave a "salad" per ce. I do get cravings for things like Sumi Salad which is like cole slaw but without all the heavy dressing, or avocado salad which is also a lettuce-less cousin of salad.

But I bought  a load of veggies and some lettuce to make a salad for dinner for the Zone visit last Saturday at Coraopolis.  

I never did put lettuce in the salad because after I chopped the veggies there was no room in the lunch container. I had to smash down what was in there to get it to close as it was.

Yellow pepper, avocado, cucumber, tomato, chickpeas and carrots (Whole Foods had them labeled as  juicing carrots. they were sweet crisp and yummy). Sprinkle of Italian sea salt and drizzle of olive oil.

So, I had lettuce wilting in the fridge and decided to make a quick salad while my dinner was warming. This is my idea of a salad. Big chunks of vegetables and a mound of romaine.

I want my salad measured in inches not centimeters.

Okay, so my Blissmobox came yesterday and I was beyond excited to open it, but I also had the TMS review to do so that first and box after!

I do have my priorities straight people. 

Anyway, I chose the Body Blissmobox for this month and was sent:
 ~ Out Of Africa Vanilla Shea Body Lotion (full size)
 ~ Out of Africa Bar Soap in Verbana (full size)
 ~ Mineral Fusion Volumizing shampoo (big trial)
 ~ Mineral Fusion Volumizing conditioner (big trial)
 ~ Mineral Fusion face mask (big trial)
 ~ Waleda Pomegranate Body Wash (full size)
~ Postage Paid Postcard to send to a friend (very nice touch)

Can you say "score!" boys and girls?? What a lovely load of natural products!

Verbana is my second secret scent addiction (almond is #1..don't be knew that).
The shower wash I used this morning. It was creamy and the smell was seriously decadent.
The lotion has an interesting smell. I have a VERY sensitive nose so my reaction to things is often different than it is for others, but although it was to be Vanilla I was getting a lot of the citrus ingredients in the scent. Not that it was an unpleasant smell, but I think this could easily be labeled Citrusy Vanilla or something along those lines.

I probably should mention that Im somewhat picky about my scents and accurate labeling. If it says "vanilla" I want the scent to conjure up lazy afternoons with a vanilla bean ice cream cone and nothing to do but watch the sun set and count firefly's.

The ingredients are all natural and my nose is attuned to picking up oil- based scents and super sensitive in general, as I mentioned, so your experience with it might be dif. Come smell me and you will know for sure.

Blissmo is like Groupon or Living Social (addicted to these) for organic and ecofriendly products, but recently they started a new endeavor in which they send you a box of goodies each month for $19. You get to choose a category and the products included fall into that category.

I did a Health Deal's (like Groupon with health related you sense a theme in my online activity?) deal to get two months of the service at a discount.

Ill let you know what I get next month. Or I won't and leave you guessing. We'll see.

Larabar has a new flavor and I tasted it today at lunch. And by "tasted" I mean bought it at the co-op and daintily devoured it as soon as i got back to the office.

It is seriously delicious.

I was just thinking about making chocolate sugar cookies with dried cherries, but this has totally killed the craving for those.

But I will still share the recipe for those cookies with you at some point. It's a really good cookie.

I haven't really gotten on board with the whole "make your own Larabar you lazy tubby" club, but this just might motivate me. Not that Larabars are especially expensive at $1.25 or $1.12 (or .99 when I can catch them on sale), but frugal is as frugal does and frugal doesn't buy something she can make herself for cheaper.