Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What am I going to eat?

Do you ever feel like not eating, but then you make something really tasty and completely off the cuff?

Yeah that was me on July 5th (and various other days)..

I woke up a little later than usual and just had no appetite... Also, no real food.

So I had some peanuts and got some things done while thinking about what i had that could turn into a reasonably healthy and filling meal. Bottom of the bag Trader Joe's long-grain brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seeds some Restaurant Style Salsa and a can of black beans. I think I can work with that...

I cooked the rice put it in a bowl and then heated the beans with some salsa. I put that on the rice ,mixed and topped it with more salsa...Yum!

I love inventing recipes that turn out delicious. Especially when I'm doing some On the fly scraping the bottom of the grocery barrel cooking. :-) It was so good I had it again for dinner.

Well, that and I really didnt have anything else to eat other than garbanzo flour and im trying not to finish off the bag in a week so....

Maybe I should just go shopping today...

Tuesday July 5th
B: Peanuts and sliced almonds
L: Salsa Black Beans w/rice
S: roasted and sea salted almonds
D: Salsa Black Beans w/rice

Wed, July 6th :
B: long-grain brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seeds with unsweetened almond milk, Cinnamon, (too much) agave

L: *Burrito bar!!!!!!!!!!! Seasoned seitan, Spanish rice, guacamole, 5 tortilla chips, cheddar daiya
*Pomegranate Acai Honest Tea

D: * Garbanzo Bean Flour Spinach Pancakes with salsa
* Almonds and agave sprinkled with cinnamon

Thurs July 7th:
B: *Mex veggies with black beans topped with sliced almonds
*soy nut trail mix (soy nuts, almonds, black raisins, Pepita's)

L: Trader Joe's frozen veggie Pad Thai (so spicy, but good)

S: sliced almonds sprinkled with agave, sea salt, Cinnamon (2 custard dish 1/2 full)

D: * blue corn sesame chips and salsa (two custard bowls full..yay portion control)
* Mexican veggies and black beans

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