Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food Crush...

Have you ever been obsesssed with a particular food?

Remember the kale and golden beet salad I had yesterday? It was so delicious! It had a very light creaminess to it that came from the addition of TAHINI to the recipe.

I started eating it and noticed the creaminess and half expected to find something gnarly (dairy and my stomach have been enemies ever since I stopped eating red meat) when i checked the ingredients, but lo and behold it was my old friend Tahini.

I have always had an unnatural affection for sesame seeds. Like eating them out of the jar, asking people for a few off of their bagel, eating a sesame bagel almost every morning for a year, buying a jar of sesame oil and then hoarding it until it expired type of affection.

And don't get me started on sesame bars, which are basically just honey, sesame seeds and corn syrup cooked down into a taffy of delicious tooth killing yumminess! Whew! I need a cold shower!

Well, fast forward a little over a decade to when I was introduced to Tahini by a Mr.Alladin Eatery (strange last name I know, but he's gorgeous and a great cook). Tahini is basically the end destination of a maturation of taste buds for a sesame obsessed youth. As if the Tahini wasn't decadent and addictive enough it was paired with another obsession worthy food: the falafel. Once you have tried falafel just reading or speaking the word will instantly give you cravings for them (sorry dear readers!!i'll go with you to get some as penance for uttering the sirens song of yummy).

On top of being really delicious sesame seeds qualify as a yummy coworker because of being a great source of calcium for someone as addicted as moi(in other words they are only beneficial as a source of calcium if you eat lots of the little guys)!

In case you've forgotten the Golden Beet and Kale Salad has a base of lacinto kale, golden beets, carrots, green onions and red bell pepper which is smothered in a dressing made of apple cider vinegar, tahini, tamari, garlic, oregano, basil and olive oil.

I asked Mr. Google to help me find the recipe and it turns out another co-op also sells this salad and has the recipe posted online. Sadly the recipe was for 10 lbs of the salad, but the very beautiful recipe converter helped me whittle it down to a more managable amount considering im not feeding an army of co-opians.

I can't wait to make this myself! Im thinking of visiting the farmers market on Monday to get the ingredients. Im hoping to get some Tahini at the Greek Store i have a living social deal for. I'll let you know how that goes. This is my first living Social experience. Ive used Groupon before, which reminds me that I have a Groupon for Soergel's Orchard. More yum!

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