Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cook away the Stress and Pounds

Why do I forget how much I love cooking and how much it relaxes me?

One of the major stressors in many of our lives is that we don't have complete control over situations affecting us

How can you cook away the pounds?

Well, the act of chopping and cooking is a calorie burning activity. And if you are like me and store things in tha basement pantry you add stair climbing to the act of prepping and cooking a meal. And if you are cooking on the fly like I usually do you will have to climb the stairs multiple times to get more ingredients from said pantry.

So, what did i make? I know you are simply dying to know...

I made a stir fry of fresh napa cabbage, fresh mushrooms, quinoa, and frozen onions. The cabbage and mushrooms i purchased at Soergels....I a m officially in love with Napa cabbage! Its smell is a lot more subtle but the flavor just as delicious as regular cabage. Very delicious!

Also, cannelini beans with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach..summery delicious with a complex flavor note.

Last but not least...Lentils with spinach and a shitake mushrooom gravy... savory creamy and delicious protein packed dish.

Hey I just typed that up in the order I cooked it too. How ironical.

June 28 Tuesday
B: *Dates and PB
*2 raw peaches

L: *white kidney beans with sundried tomatoes

D: *lentils with mushrooms gravy
* hummus chips
* 1 sundried tomato (2 halves)
* 2 t peanut butter

June 29 Wednesday

* Dates and PB
* strawberry fruit leather (purchased with Groupon from Naturally Soergels)

L: Lentils with mushroom gravy

D: * Cabbage and quinoa with mushrooms
* canneloni and sundried tomatoes
* hummus chips
* mango

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