Monday, April 11, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes

It looks so naked. Delicious, but naked! I know how to fix that being a great seamstress and all...

There you go pretty little cuppycake! A lovely dress of peanut butter (yes i have problem). Nom nom nom!

These lovelies are cholesterol free, relatively low in fat (even lower if you don't use the peanut butter), and only 120 calories or 180 with the peanut butter(lower if you sub apple sauce for the oil).

The recipe makes 12, but you can freeze and microwave them as you like.

Or do what I do: make them and share with friends. They will love you for it.

And here is a secret I only share with my closest frenemies: They are boxed.

Don't tell anyone. Just go find your own. Cherrybrook Kitchen ( makes some wonderful boxed mixes that are made for people with allergies, but devoured by those without with equal veracity.

Ive made these several times and didnt mention they were vegan and everyone enjoyed them heartily. The wonderful thing about these mixes is that they dont need "doctoring" like most boxed mixes do.

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