Friday, March 11, 2011

Winter Comforts

What do you do when it looks like this outside and you just can't stay home?

Put on a cozy sweater (and a few other layers of clothing) and head out into the wild winter weather.

Days like these are perfect for cuddling with a warm scone, a cup of tea and a great book. But as I mentioned I had to leave the house for a noble and good reason: volunteer work. So, I really could not stay home.

And let's face it: We cannot rely on comfort food alone to keep us sane in the winter time. If we did that in the North Eastern United States we would all weigh 300lbs (that is the abbreviation of pounds, but it stands for "lotsa blubber sam"...true story).

Enter the non-edible comfort. The first non-edible comfort I'd like to share with you is this beautiful set of creature(comfort)s:

Alba Botanica lip balm:
Coconut Cream (green), Pineapple Quench (yellow), and Passion Fruit (red)

They are shy and insisted on being photographed in low light...another true story

Well, it's not technically edible, but tis still safer to ingest than (most) junk food thanks to an incredibly impressive list of all natural ingredients. The ingredient label looks more like a recipe. The coconut variety is 82% organic. It promises right on the tube to moisten and protect.

What it doesn't promise is to feel like a cashmere (don't judge me) sweater for your lips. But it does.

It also doesn't promise to transport you to a tropical island with one swipe of the tube. But it does.

It also doesn't promise to help you to get over a sinus infection. But it...Okay it didn't really help me get over my sinus infection last week, but it did help me through an almost 50 hour, 6 day work week. Its amazing how something soft that smells amazing can take the edge off.

The Coconut Cream is great for everyday comfort needs, but for extreme needs (i.e. I have a sinus infection, my face hurts, I'm at work all day, each phone call gets worse, people want me to do things that I'm not even trained for and I don't look sick so no one is giving me pity) I suggest the Passion Fruit Nectar variety.

And to show you what an absolutely amazing deal they are this is a pic of the balm fully extended:

Look at it! When was the last time you purchased a product and it was completely full?

I have heard wonderful things about the Alba Botanica brand, but they have now gained a super (psychotic) fan. Their products are seriously amazing and addictive (in a good way). I might have purchased extra tubes and have been giving them to others (arent i a good friend?) and encouraging them to go buy more before the store runs out and where else to get the products if they have run out.

But here is the kicker: They are only $1 each at the the "$5 and Below" stores!!!!!!

Please excuse the excessive exclamation points, but this is an amazing tidbit that upon googling the product you will understand the magnitude of. These precious little tubes can run you $3 depending on where you live (and how much your local stores like to rip you off).

Plus, it's just really exciting to pay one dollar for something so obviously worth a lot more. And this price may have encouraged me to buy four of the passion fruit kind (i might share with you if you are really nice).

One warning: You may become completely obsessed. I purchased the Coconut Cream and Pineapple Quench at one store and went to a different one to find the the Passion Fruit Nectar.

I might have to write a love letter to this lip balm.
*sigh* So totally worth the excursion! Stop stalling and go get some!

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