Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let them eat....soup

Yesterday I had cake, but I'll have to talk about it another day because right now Im trying to figure out a reason to make chocolate cupcakes with pb frosting. Isnt there some event coming up that I need to bake for?

Oh wait my parents anniversary is this week. And even though they will be out of town on that day I think that is as good as any an excuse to bake something as yummy as my cupcakes. Well that problem is solved. Now what was I talking about?

Oh right...Soup!

SO the co-op is having a special this week: $1 off every size of soup. And Im trying to be economical so I had a small mushroom barley soup. This soup is creamy and delicious filled with barley mushrooms, onions, celery, pepper, etc. 12 ounces of yumminess for only 1.99.

And look at the size of this mushroom!

And if you have to eat lunch at a desk it should really be as comforting as this. Especially on a rainy day like today.

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