Monday, February 7, 2011

Food Review: Almond Dream

Don't you love it when you think something is going to be really really bad and it turns out really really good?

Quite honestly that is precisely what happened when I tried Almond Dream Cappuccino Swirl. There is nothing really on the carton to make me feel this way, but I have had some less than stellar experiences with the Dream (think Rice Dream) people in the past.

Put even upon popping the top off the carton my doubts started receding. It looked creamy and upon dipping my spoon in a chocolaty ribbon appeared just as promised. Into my mouth the spoon went and all my doubts retreated like Bonaparte at Waterloo.

It is somewhat hard to describe, but eating this is like having a frozen cappuccino that is drizzled in chocolate syrup. But unlike a regular cap the chocolate doesnt melt so every once in a while you get a strong, delicious hit of chocolate.

Wonderful mouthfeel. And as it melts a little the flavor improves even more (I was eating it right beside a heat register. What?? It's winter?).

And since this product is now on sale at Whole Foods I think I will go try some more flavors.

In my dream world I like in Italy and own an almond and olive grove. Don't ask me why my dreams involve food so much. Something about compensation or something like that.

Anyhoo, this product is now causing me to have a different kind of almond dream. It involves cappuccino and chocolate.

OH! This is getting good...

Final verdict:

If you like almonds, cappuccino, chocolate, coffee, ice cream or all of the above run and get some (don't walk or it might be sold out).

Go as quickly as possible to your neighborhood grocer and get this. If he doesn't sell it demand that he start selling it as soon as possible.

(If you need help with convincing him I could draft up a very nice chart on the increase of happy endorphins upon eating this product.

Your closing argument will go something like this: "In short, your customers will be happier and love you more and therefore shop more often if you sell this product.")

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