Monday, November 22, 2010

Mixing my Metaphors, etc.

I have a very serious adoration for all things Greek, culinarially speaking.
A current food obsession of mine is mujadara, a yummy dish of lentils and rice cooked with cumin and topped with carmelized or frenchfried onions.

The classic Greek flavors are fresh and vibrant including olive oil, lemon, oregano and thyme so that even something heavy like lentils taste light.

Never being one to settle for delicious i took it to the next level adding avocado.

But then I got a little crazy and decided to try a further variation by cooking the lentils with quinoa adding tomatoes mushroom and Trader Joes 21 Seasoning blend then topping it with avocado and adding some Food Should Taste Good Olive chips on the side.

This would make a great dip for an easy appetizer tray, but its so yummy in a bowl eaten with a spoon, which is how i had it for lunch today. Very yum!

Confused Mujarada

1) Add 1/2 c lentils and 2 T quinoa to 2c boiling water.

2) When the lentils are half done add in 1t of seasoning of choice

3) When the lentils are done add 1/2c canned diced tomatoes and another 1t of seasoning.

4)Top with chopped avocado and serve with tortilla chips.


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